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Aveiro - 197.58 km2 of magic: portuguese Venice

When i was signing up for the trip to Portugal, little did i know what was there waiting for me. I just wanted to see a bit more of what this world had to offer and use well my time abroad. There's no better way to travel then while studying in another country and having all those foreign students to do that with you. And so i talked my roommies into to enrol quickly to the list, pay the money and start packing our bags. To be honest i don't really remember if we looked up Aveiro on the internet or not but it sincerely wasn't that important. Sometimes it's good to do something spontaneously. Adventures are always needed. 
    It was a long way from Valladolid to Aveiro especially that we went there by bus and we almost didn't make it on time to the station but when we arrived to the city of our destiantion we realized that we had no idea how much it was worth it.       When we got off the bus, we all did a group photo and than decided to explore the city. 

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