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Gdańsk - being in two places at once

Trójmiasto. You already know the basic idea of what it is and why it's called this way. Since I have already managed to tell you about one of the three cities belonging to the Trójmiasto - Sopot, the time came to tell you more about Gdańsk.      I was never into travelling around my own country but by accident I happened to see more of it than I wished to. Luckily, I feel fortunate to have had this possibility to get to know my land. This helped me noticed that in reality before travelling around the whole wide world, I need to travel Poland.      Gdańsk. Gdańsk surprised me in so many ways. Firstly at the beginning of September I went there just for a few hours with my band to just take a walk and some photos. I had no idea what to expect. I don't even think that I looked the city up on the internet to prepare myself what to see there, where to go, though it might seem imposible.      I could not take my eyes off all the things that Gdańsk offered me in the first take. …

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